If you are suffering from chronic or severe back pain it might be attributed to a misaligned back due to improper arch support within your shoes, this is one of the top reasons for visits to the doctor’s office and for missing days at work. Much of this can be prevented with proper foot support provided by a professional specializing in orthotic insoles.

There is something to be said about a quality pair of shoes and how it affects your daily life, unfortunately even the best shoes lack proper arch supports to prevent chronic pain. That is why many physicians have started prescribing arch supports to their patients because the benefit has been tremendous and patients have most times felt immediate relief.

At Ideal Feet, we offer a personal consultation and fitting at no charge because we enjoy seeing the relief on our customer’s faces as they stand up and feel a better alignment of their back and realize that they have been suffering for no reason.

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Lower back pain might be due to poor spinal alignment.

Arch supports can help properly distribute your body’s weight across your feet, effectively removing pressure from joints and your back.

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