Do you suffer from flat foot pain in Tulsa, OK?

Flat feet or flat foot are the absence of an arch that limits your capacity for shock absorption and affects your entire body. Sometimes this can be attributed or caused by age weight or most common improper arch supports in everyday shoes. You are constantly trying to find your balance and by the end of the day, you find yourself really tired and in pain.flat foot pain tulsa, ok

We can treat flat foot pain in Tulsa, OK by using our custom arch supports that are designed to relieve stress and help regain balance. Our flat feet arch supports are American Made and come with a lifetime warranty to give you the peace of mind necessary to get on your feet and get going.

Make an appointment with our qualified professionals for a custom fitting for free and feel the difference immediately. Relax in our comfortable atmosphere as our team of professionals consults with you to understand your needs. We have many levels of customization to address your flat feet pain and your needs. Many times we have found that people forgo arch support due to them not fitting inside their favorite shoes.

At Ideal Feet not only do we custom fit your arch supports to relieve flat feet pain we also stock many styles for any type of footwear from sandals to cowboy boots we can keep you pain-free while looking your best. Ideal Feet offers easy financing options and we accept all major credit cards. You do not have to settle for the stress this condition does to your body our custom arch supports will give you the confidence you need to get past your flat foot pain and regain the pep in your step.

Don’t wait in pain any longer make an appointment today or just walk-in we are here to help. Visit us on Google for up to date information on back pain relief.

Arch supports can help properly distribute your body’s weight across your feet, effectively removing pressure from joints and your back. Get the flat foot pain relief in Tulsa, OK from the professionals at Ideal Feet,  The Way Your Feet Should Be!


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