Suffering from knee pain in Tulsa, OK?

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain it might be attributed to your footwear and the lack of proper support for your foot. People with chronic knee pain find that their whole lives their footwear had been improperly supporting their arches.

We have found with time footwear has increasingly lowered the arches with an emphasis on the design of the shoe vs the support necessary for an ideal balance. Your knee is a vital part of your balance and ability to move with coordination; once your knee pain is severe enough to inhibit your abilities it is then time to make an appointment with Ideal Feet. Our professionals offer free consultations and custom fittings where you can feel the impact of our American Made arch supports first hand before making an investment in pain management.

Ideal Feet arch supports align the 26 bones and 4 arches of the feet by aligning the feet with a proper foundation, helping the knees automatically align. Appropriate arch supports help to relieve the strain placed on your knee joints and can provide balance for overall mobility improvement.

At Ideal Feet not only do we custom fit your arch supports to relieve knee pain we also stock many styles for any type of footwear from sandals to cowboy boots we can keep you pain-free while looking your best. Ideal Feet offers easy financing options and we accept all major credit cards. You do not have to settle for the stress this condition does to your body our custom arch supports will give you the confidence you need to get past your flat foot pain and regain the pep in your step.

Don’t wait in pain any longer make an appointment today or just walk-in we are here to help. Visit us on Google for up to date information on back pain relief.

Arch supports can help properly distribute your body’s weight across your feet, effectively removing pressure from joints and your back. Get the flat foot pain relief in Tulsa, OK from the professionals at Ideal Feet,  The Way Your Feet Should Be!


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