In every company, there is a workforce that keeps the company’s reputations and activities going on. This workforce includes the managers, the supervisors, the junior and other subordinate staffs that enhance the activities of a company.

However, if your labor force works while standing on a regular basis, probably when lifting equipment and in most cases walking along and across the premises the Ideal Feet arch supports could help in the enhancement of their productivity and help reduce the injuries and other work-related risks. This can contribute positively to the development and growth of the business.

According to the reports and research did by OSHA, more than 80% of all U.S. citizens in the workforce end up having foot pain or just hind leg related problems which happens to frequent pressures that occur when working while standing on hard surfaces.

According to research done, it’s believed that the specific size of arch support can comfortably and absolutely reduce health-related costs to both the employees and their bosses. It is good to remember that both the employer and employee are required to live a healthy life in order to keep the business running to maximize the profits. Ideal Feet arch supports can help reduce and eliminate all these problems.

If you or your employees fall into this category, contact your local Ideal Feet store and speak with one of our representatives on how we can help improve productivity.

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